my secret ingredient

… to share and use not responsibly!

My method joins a pragmatic and analytic approach on the brand and international markets with a creative and project direction to create and put into concrete terms the most tailored strategy to develop the business.

I enjoy proactively building growth strategies that boost business and sale performance together with raising brand awareness to worldwide markets, making sure companies are utterly competitive with their brands.

I motivate people of your team to get everyone excited about you. I also do team training to contribute to the business success.

My ultimate goal is to:

  1. make it easy for the customer to buy
  2. for the sale force to sell by expanding depletions while protecting margins
  3. build your brand reputation and value

I can be useful and make the difference for your business when:

New company, new product

  • You are starting a new business
  • You’ve developed a new product line and it needs to sell
  • You want to develop a new product
  • You have an idea for a new product: you want it to be a success and need help from the product profile and its look & feel, until the put into the right market


Revitalise your brand

  • You need to communicate who you are more effectively… you have no reputation in the market
  • You need to improve our image, you look not powerful and consistent with your identity
  • You want to reposition yourselves; you do great but look old and not innovative!
  • You need to differentiate yourselves from the competitors, more and better
  • You use different logos and many brand, but above all don’t have a consistency
  • You are not visually attractive
  • You have a great story, but find it difficult to share it with customers, off and on line
  • You want your brand to be more powerful and have more value, over its price and quality
  • You need to engage more people, teams and consumers


Go global

  • You need to sell abroad
  • You are not selling enough
  • You want to enlarge the distribution
  • You are not strong enough in proposing and promoting yourselves
  • You find it difficult to follow the distribution and understand what is going on in the market: you could do so much more in sales and brand equity
  • You maintain the business, but there is no 360% development to seize all sales opportunities
  • You don’t know everyone of the distribution team, while it’s up to them to sell and do it better. You need to engage more and better train them.


Create an integrated system

  • You lack look & feel consistency and need a new brand architecture
  • All your communication look like it comes from different companies
  • Your packaging is not distinctive, you could look better to sell more
  • Everyone in the company is doing its own way without a unique motivated brand strategy, you need to look strong and a team
  • Your shop, web, marketing, event and distribution network does its own thing with a day to day activities to adjust tasks while not looking the business from the big picture

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