Build, express, revamp and sell brands is my greatest passion.

Branding is an exciting colourful world. It is a thoughtful experience tied to a consistent look and feel.

I love to help companies create, build, revamp, express and better sell their dreams, giving consumers a reason to buy beyond price and competitors.

My greatest passion is to make brands more valuable, distinctive, profitable and completely consistent with the identity, culture and positioning that they represent.

I help you and your business to explain to consumers, from a visual, emotional and promotional point of view, why they need to fall in love with you, talk about you to their friends and families, share your story and ultimately decide to buy your products again and again.

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My recipe

A powerful and exciting mix.

It puts together market and product research in global markets to understand what gets brands and customers excited, translating this knowledge into visual and emotional sales pitches; rebranding to set you apart from the competition; international business development to enlarge the distribution; management and training of teams to push hard the sales and global market promotion turning everyone excited about you.

I do research, branding and business development in the food&wine industry.

My ingredients


In order to give more value to your wine or food brand, you would need to clearly understand how consumers perceive you and what they are looking for. We would need to look within and outside yourself, at your competitors, but also to clearly define the global trends.

  • Brand analysis
  • Consumer profile to understand what gets your target consumers excited
  • Product analysis and development
  • Market and industry insight
  • Benchmark
  • Trend and style research


Who are you and where are you going?

Creative strategy is my magic word to provide you a road map of actions to consistently identify yourself and sell your products.

I help you position in the market and give customers continuous reasons to buy.

This is what I love to do.

  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Creative direction and project management (management, development and coordination)
  • Definition and creation of the communication and marketing plan
  • Content/stories maker
  • Events-roadshows/co-branding concept & content management
  • Market brand kick-off (workshop to motivate sale teams and customers, inspire and share the corporate vision)
  • Brand ambassador
  • Global market promotion to boost brand awareness and create the brand experience
  • Team coordination, training & coaching


I seek and enhance opportunities for growth while increasing profits and reducing losses.

  • Management and monitoring of existing distribution to increase performances and reduce wastes
  • Internationalization: go global!
  • Scouting / business development (importers, distributors, agents, on premises, Retail, Monopoly)
  • B2B + B2C trade activities (biggest experience in UK, Canada, US, Germany)
  • Project and definition of incentive systems for sale teams, sale targets and marketing plans
  • Work with sale teams: assess, train, motivate, make them feel you’re unique!
  • Expand market share and value to your brand

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