An Italian hungry, gypsy heart

A food & wine lover, a travel and international experience-driven that takes the Italian taste beyond the border, a firm believer that passion and dreams can ignite opportunities putting people together.


My story began in the most welcoming Italian region, Emilia-Romagna, full of smiling people and hard workers, among my nonna and mamma’s kitchens.

I started travelling very early, first to study, then because of work.

Learning these new languages allowed me to look at things from different perspectives and brought me a deepened understanding of other cultures, adding new stories and new colours to my colour palette.

A degree in interpretation studies took me afterwards to Brussels for a while. After this, I ventured back to Italy, then to Nancy in France to the ICN Business School and to Moscow to the State University MGIMO for a couple of years for an international managerial master.

Helping companies manage their businesses and finding new ways to look and sell their products abroad gave me a shiver down my spine as it made me aware of what I would be exploring in my career.

After a few experiences in various industries, I landed in the wine industry, tasked with developing the brand and business abroad for a great winery of my region; firstly based in London, my home for a few years.

In Romagna, wine and food always go together; the art of sharing has its roots on the table among ingredients, words, bites and stories. They both tell an inspiring adventure that combines terroir, traditions, hands, innovation, intuition and love.

With this philosophy entrenched deep in my soul, I committed myself to taking the expression of my region to people around the world and introducing them to the winemaking & lifestyle experience.

UK, Canada, USA, Europe and Asia, a world map of business trips to involve people and markets while selling and promoting delivering a lifestyle. This was my mantra.

Creating, revamping and exporting Italian food&wine brands became soon my biggest passion.

I am a freelance consultant because I want to help food and wine companies that are missing creativity, strategy and brand direction and make their international dreams come true!

I believe that innovation is an expression of passion and motivation. This must be shared.

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